Lab-oratory @ Berghain

Lab-oratory @ Berghain

Renowned gay cruise club for uninhibited men.

Lab-oratory @ Berghain

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Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany, 10243

'Anything goes' at this famous cruise club in the basement of an old East Berlin power station (which also houses the popular dance club Berghain and Panorama Bar). The men play hard. Lab-oratory is probably the most famous and notorious gay cruise club in the world.

The industrial setting gives "The Lab" the right atmosphere to cruise and play with cages, slings, glory holes, dark rooms, alcoves, private cabins. Showers and hand basins are provided, along with paper towels, free condoms and lube.

Change into your outfit on arrival (leather, sportswear, jockstrap, rubber, etc.). You will be given a bag for your other items. Check in your bag and a number will be written on your shoulder. This number is used to bill drinks at the bar.

Some themed nights have dress codes. Happy hour on Friday nights. Check the website for upcoming events - they're usually sold out, so plan ahead.

Weekday: Thu 21:00 - 11:00

Weekend: 22:00 - 12:00 ; 16:00 - 18:00

Nearest station: U: Warschauer Straße; S: Ostbahnhof; Bus 240: Franz-Mehring-Platz

Cruise / Fetish
Dark Room
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Karim Walker


Loved it!

If you are in Berlin, do not leave for home without checking this place out. I had planned to go Thursday night, but changed my mind. I went Friday night (Saturday morning), and I'm glad I did. Slings, glory holes, anonymous testosterone-fueled sex. However too many guys were smoking (that kills my mood), and in 2023, how do you have a cash-only bar and no ATM (that I know of)? Other than that, be safe and have fun



The atlete/ sunday

I'm going this Sunday for the atlete night. Do you know if it's possible to stay naked just with sneakers?


Amazing experience

I went to visit Lab before the quarantine. It was the coldest night in the winter of 2020. I only had a few days in Berlin, so I decided to take my chances on Thursday "Naked party" night. Even with the cold weather, the place was filled. At least 200 people and people still getting inside. There were bodies of every type. Although I got very little time to enjoy the party - I spend only about 1 hour inside - I had an amazing time. Top-notch experience. Definitely worth knowing.


the best sex club ever

I'm a big fan of cruise clubs in Germany, and Lab Oratory is, for me, the best venue in the country. I was there in early February 2021, and I went twice (Thursday and Friday) and I had the best time. I arrived 15 min before entry time, and on Thursday the waiting time was about 20 min and at least 300 guys inside. On Friday the line was much longer and I had to wait at least 40 min before entering, and it was cold out. Totally worth the wait. My count is that there were at least 800 guys inside, filling up several areas with different themes and action every where. On Friday they also have a dance floor, which was absolutely packed. On my Friday visit it was difficult to get a drink, and to get my bill paid (1:30 AM). However, I can't wait to go back again. An experience that every gay man should experience at least once in his life.


Probably the best

I see people have a lot of problems with the door man. Be friendly, open and have a laugh! I don't speak German, I've lost myself on the streets (the location is not that easy to find) and by the time I arrived I was so tired of walking. The door man opened, he asked me something in German, I smiled, told him that I understood just a word and he laugh. We both did, some jokes and I were in. So, be cool, open and cheer - at the end you're going to a party, not a business meeting. The place is AMAZING, hot, sleazy, perfect! Try first to see the parties program and be sure to have the dress-code requested. They are really strict about it and that's just fine for the entire atmosphere. The staff really nice, although some of them don't speak English they are willing to help. So go there, have lots of fun, but be open and chill about everything.


Locate top very strong

We went on a local Sunday afternoon all with lights off or almost. So many people of all types have sex at will. Good cleaning for the type of room always paper, lubricant and condom available. Local not to be missed.


A fantasy come true

As you can see from the reviews, this is a place you should go to at least once in your life. A few tips: the website has times - these are the ENTRY times and then the door closes. Go early and don’t be fashionably late. Don’t worry so much about what to bring / wear on the night unless there is a specific theme on the website - we saw it all. You will be fine. Plenty of paper towels and other “necessary” supplies available in all spaces. Also, you can access the cloak during the night for €0.50 in case you want to access anything you brought (e.g. a towel to freshen up).



Best place in the World. Puts to shame all the clubs in the USA put together, plenty of Lube and man to play with...VIVA Berlin, We need more places like this in the World.


A remarkable place

I've never been anywhere like the Laboratory. On Thursday, (naked night) it was a complete meat market, with plenty of action everywhere. It was fantastic! On Saturday, there was a crazy queue to get in, and plenty of eye candy, but not so much action. A great place to experience! They could explain the process of paying for drinks better - it's a hard place to leave once you decide to go home!


Best place in Berlin

I agree Alex, really hard to go back home after a week in Berlin. Lab has to be the best sex club I've ever been to.. especially naked night on Thursday.


Naked night Thursday

Lab is the grand daddy of all cruise clubs. Naked party (Folsom week) was awesome with over a 1000+ guys. Amazing layout with various play areas. Guys of all ages and body types... there is someone for everyone at this party. Will definitely go back. Staff and the doorman are a friendly bunch of people.
solo traveler


mix feeling

ok, here is my 1st time to this place on friday night. -location: if you follow google map, it will lead you to a huge metro sign, (not metro station) don't get into that area, use the alley next to it on the left , keep walk straight and the end of walk way is a old building. turn left. -door man: have no problem with him. actually, he look rather in a good mood. a friend said they change the rude door man long time ago, not sure if that s the case. For me, this place is a bit too much. many hot guys, yes. But that make it worst. it's like you are stimulate to cruise all the time, non-stop. by 1.30 am (i come at 22.30). To be honest, i prefer a sauna where one day might be only 1-2 hot people that i like, then you can keep your focus on those 2 and try to get them. But here is a bit too much, really. People have fun everywhere. Sometime they don't mind if you join. Some case they push your hand away. So it's not like everyone will get everyone there. There is also a picky guy. But all in all, most people are friendly. The place is not that big like i imagine, it's big but not that big. the floor become somewhat dirty when the night go, but it's not as unacceptable. The bar staff are super friendly When you leave, get ur cloth first, dress up, then head back inside to the bar to pay the bill. bring the bill to door man to get out.


Nothing Else Like It

Went for the first time on a Friday. It was 2 for 1 dance night. No dress code. There was a line at the door but I didn’t see the rude scrutiny by the doormen mentioned in some other posts. Upon entering I was given a bag for my belongings and got a wristband with a number on it. That number is used at the bar and upon exiting to retrieve your belongings. I arrived just before midnight and the club was filled with hundreds of men. I would guess most were in their mid twenties to mid forties and quite a few who were in their 50’s and older. Most in decent shape. Some were naked many were shirtless at a minimum and a lot with jock straps. A few in full street clothes. I read all the reviews and thought I had a sense of what the scene would be. Boy was I wrong. It’s hard to put into words the scale of activity going on in this place and the number of hot men. The club was much larger than I could have imagined. It was a cavernous warehouse type space with all kinds of nooks and dark rooms, spaces upstairs, slings, empty rail cars, etc. all kinds of action going on in every corner of the place and outside on the patio. I have never experienced anything like it. I am willing to wager there is no other place like it in the world. Not on this scale. It’s true what others have said. This place isn’t for everyone. If you are shy or have any hang ups about raw uninhibited fetish fun happening all over this isn’t for you. If you don’t like guys grabbing you as you walk by go elsewhere. It’s sweaty. It gets messy. There will be condoms and lots of lube and other fluids all over the floor. You will see guys washing their cocks and asses out in the bathroom sinks after sex. It ain’t for the faint of heart. If you’re ok with all that the place is fucking awesome and you should go and experience it for yourself. No doubt I will be back during my next visit to Berlin. It was best fetish club experience of my life. Full stop.


Hsrd and bb sex

Location: Outside the city center, but easy to reach by subway. At the Ostbahnhof station, exit from the back side and continue right into the industrial area sheds. Type of customer: From 25 to 55 years old, almost all with sports physique (also some muscle men). Naked evenings (the disco area remains closed) are frequented by those looking for only hard fun, while the disco evenings (people wear underpants and socks) also attract those who love House music. Bears and muscle bears and very sporty daddies are very welcome. Depilated and effeminate men are not welcome. Structure: Large spaces, always crowded. You undress at the entrance (it's cold in winter) and put your clothes in plastic bags. The interior is divided into very large rooms; disco, room with mattresses, room with sofas, room with sling and so on. Action everywhere. Cleaning: Non-existent. After half an hour, you walk on condoms and toilet paper. Prices: Appropriate to what they offer. Advice for customers: It is not a place for everyone. It's okay if you're uninhibited and exhibitionist because everything happens in public. If you don't love the crowd, it's not the place for you; you move between sweaty naked bodies. The managers allow you to enter from 22.00 to 24.00, so be prepared to do even more than an hour of queue. After 24.00, in theory, you could no longer enter, but, for the naked evening, they still let us enter much longer than the allowed time (after observing us from head to toe and approved). There is no real dress code for selection at the entrance, but gay fashion is not welcome. You just have to be men (or, at least, look like it). If you really can't get rid of your gay uniform and dress like men, avoid writing cheap reviews when they don't let you in. Condoms are available for free, although hardly anyone uses them. Advice for managers: A little less rough manner would be welcome.


Best cruising club in Berlin

What can I say? Hot guys, great techno music and superb soundsystem, huge venue, hot and fit guys everywhere and 0 attitude. Best nights to go are either thursdays or Fridays. Arrive between 10-12. Place gets busy almost immediately. A must go place if you visit berlin.


Night In Berlin

I visited this club on Friday ( 2 for 1 event); big crowd with people in all shapes and colours. Probably you find what you want. I found. It's difficult to find the entrance.


Great place

This place is fantastic. 'Action' everywhere. Was there on a Sunday naked party.


Great Experience

I visited the Lab twice while in Berlin in June, 2018. The first time it was a "2 for 1" night on Thursday. Tons of horny guys and a lot to choose from. Had a couple of drinks and was enjoying hot guys until about 5am. Lots of action. Different ages and sizes, but a good number of young and fit guys. Lots of places to play. By the end of the night it got quite stuffy, smelly and messy. But what do you expect when hundreds of guys play all night? The Friday night turned out to be less busy, but still lots of fun. The barmen were nice, drinks were reasonably priced. The doormen were quite neutral, I'd even say, indifferent to me. I personally had a great group experience and would recommend this place. I will be back when in Berlin next time.



I forgot to review earlier... I was here in August on the Naked Thursday night. I had only ever been to one other 'cruise club' before and it was underwear night. I read A LOT online about this place before going and was paranoid about the infamous 'no entry' policy but I didn't see anybody get turned away. Literally almost every person inside was worthy of an encounter - not being rude but everyone has a preference and this place had it! Hundreds of naked men! I bought 2 drinks immediately on entry, finished one quickly and had a look around. Within about 3mins, I noticed a lot of action in the big dark area. There are LOADSSS of spaces here, up stairs, down stairs, fetish, big area outside in the old freight containers. I would highlyyyy recommend this place. I'd be a regular if I lived in Berlin!


New Year Party 2018/2019

I love the place and club - where sex is in the air and huge action goes and goes on around. Is there any information about New Year party this year? Is something going on in Lab? There are not any information in dates schedule - it finishes on Dec. 30th. I wonder if anyone knows anything about that and how it was in past years. About a doorman - in fact door men is not a "pretty boy", but I think he has to be like that to keep the order. I saw some people drunk of "after drugs" tried to entry the club, and the doormen's role is not to let them in.
Paul Yates


Bad doorman

Yes, the doorman's ride & arrogant. Told me not to touch the door (?) or him for some unknown reason. Put me off the club entirely. Other people have said the same thing to me about him before. Get rid of him!
Paul Yates


Arrogant doorman

Past reports are true, the doorman is rude, arrogant & has no idea how to interact with people. He truly is a pig of a man. He has the potential to ruin the impression of the club. The other staff are friendly & the club is ok but vastly overrated. The doorman needs to go, he's bad for business.


Amazing Unique Gay Experience Like No Other

OK - as someone who has seen quite a few sex clubs in the world, I can confidently say that Laboratory is in its own category. The size of the venue, the number of men (dressed in little or nothing), the anything-goes atmosphere, the high energy and dance music pulsing...its just a unique experience. I would consider it a must-see gay tourist attraction for anyone visiting Berlin who is OK with lots and lots of public action. Really like nothing else out there and must be experienced.


Top location

Really guys, When you are into fetish and hardplay, then this one should be on your list! Yesterday was Gummi night (9th sept , Folsom), Great and lots of horny guys. Fisting, Fucking, and so on, make sure you wear the right gear (strict policy) and guys... make an effort , wearing quality gear like rubber and other is not a cheap singlet with a jock. You want action? Make sure you are dressed sexy! Top top top!
Neil Davis


Amazing sex extravaganza

I'd guess over 500 hot sweaty naked men doing everything possible. I certainly got my "fill". Do it at least once in your life.


Hate it or love it but certainly can't avoid it if you're in Berlin.

I just love this place for its multi-dimensions. The range in terms of ethnicity, age, body type, size are truly wide & wild. Everyone is allowed in this club but don't wear any perfumes. Some people may confuse this club with its neighbour Berghain (which has a strict door entry policy), but this club is totally separate one with separate entrance. I visited this club on Friday (Very crowded 2 for 1 event) and on Saturday (Less crowded fisting event). The doorman and the receptionist is friendly and welcoming. They only accept cash and not any credit card. Some may complain that the place is dirty, smelly. Yes, they are all true, but that is also true that you're not going to live your life in that club. So for a wild experience, one should visit this club.


rude and fascism

Went there on a Thursday night. No one was at the door. Saw a ring bell without any clear instruction so pressed it for the first time, but there was no response, I tried to open the door and found it was closed. Then pressed the bell for the second time. After that, the doorman come out and pushed me on my shoulder and said stop touching the door it’s not your backyard. Then he started his stupid selective interview with the question “what r u looking for here” I said “some fun”. He pointed the other way and told me there was a lot of fun and go away. Yes I am a Asian tourist and I am totally okay with being rejected for not being a fit for the vibe of the venue, but this fascism and disgrace is far beyond my imagination.


Asian Gay traveler

You should be specific and tell him what exactly you are into. I will be dressed in my full leather gear going there so there will never be any question about what I need. If you look like a queen, you will never be welcome in a typical Gay Sex club in Germany.



Went there on a naked theme night, a big crowd with people in all shapes and colors. What I loved most was one of the bar tenders with a hat, he was so cute and friendly, I would very much love to meet him again! Well, as for the party, it was crazily fun, people were so into it, the entire atmosphere was very tempting. Totally worth it!!!



Went on the naked night, huge area around 300 people all ages and sizes and colours. Was done 7 times, the only thing a lot of guys play without protection so it is easy to catch something like this.



Yes, this is a pretty hot place and there is definitely something for everyone. But it is a little overrated. And the place stinks of cigarette smoke (welcome to Berlin).


Sneakersox Party - Smell the Man

I decided to write this as I couldn't see any other review of this new addition to the themed nights. Most guys as you might expect did wear sneakers and sox; some in full sports kit/trackies, most in jockstraps/underwear. Some in nothing else but footwear. And even a few guys in full street-wear. There was some foot/sox/sneax/pit worship going on but less sniffing than perhaps I'd hoped for (but made my own fortune with a couple of guys!) Nonetheless for those who like the industrial club pretty much a jocks/socks action party. I guess if you keep your ticket and lube in your socks you need to come up with an alternative stash place, if they're coming off. Hoping for more sniffers and worshippers next time but worth the effort of going.


Rassistisch, unhöflich

Ich mag die Deutschen vor allem auf ihre geradlinigen Coments, ich besuchte dieses Verein erstmal, nachdem ich die Kritiken gelesen hatte, um es selbst zu kauen, und ich möchte das zweite Mal, um sicher zu sein auf meinem ersten Erlebnis sein das gleiche bei meinem Besuch Ich bin A black guy 32 gut aussehend Ich respektiere das Kleid Coad sogar einige Jungs, wo aufgeregt, um mich zu treffen, wenn ich auf der Linie war ich spreche deutsch, aber ich habe noch nie in berlin so einen Ort voller dummen Mitarbeiter Mambers aus der Beginnung bei der Intrance sie Sind rassist, rude. Ort tnere sind viele Orte da draußen in der Stadt mit freundlichen und wohlhabenden Jungs Ich kann niemals empfehlen dieses Verein für Jungs seine nur Verschwendung von Ihrer Zeit durch die Zahlung Ihrer Geld nach einer Fernreise zu halten in Minde Jungs, die den Ort und die Besitzer werden dies mehr virale gehen.


Bad service

I visited the club some times in the past and came back more and more, but last time I felt so happens in the club, no atmosphere, the main thing bad staff is unfriendly, I don't want receive this service, don't come back.


Great experience, first time in Berlin

I am an Asian tourist and my friends suggested me to this place many times it was a grest experience, and lucky day for me there were no theme for that day, only naked. Staffs, they were nice unless I can't speak German, lube and condom were everywhere. Guys were nice and handsome Play safe everyone.


Awesome Fridays

I have been here in two different Fridays and it was awesome in both times. Many hot men ready for action. Condoms and lube everywhere. It is like a dream.


Very disappointed!

I was there last year, firstly it seemed to be like a paradise for anyone who like sex ;) but some of the waiters were really rude ! One of the waiters kept charging me stuffs I didn't bought, the first time I said nothing but the second time I went there he did the same . When I complained about it, suddenly, no one spoke English any more.., lol, and that Australian waiter told me :"we don't care, you are just a tourist". Then I decided to never come back there again !


Great place 4 people, who look 4 action.

The staff was not rude. Just say hello and smile... I am a tourist and have been in "Laboratory" few times and have never experienced any negative treatment because I am not German or do not speak German. A lot of action. Lots of good looking guys. This place is a hardcore. People coming there to have sex and not just to have a drink..


The good times roll here

I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with some of you reviewers. Maybe your gayness has you so insecure as a person you think the world is against you. And for those of you who believe you're hot shit perhaps you should find yourself in a committed relationship with someone else who you think is sooo hott. As if all the gay people are supposed to be 18 and a football player. Stop watching porn and you'll realize that there are different people all over the universe. And you'll find that you're probably not as hott as you think you are which I attribute if not to your looks your nasty attitude. Now that I've gotten that off my chest (one more thing - you are in Germany unless the queen of Prussia no German in Germany should have to speak to you in English. Not only that what questions do you have? Pay your money and take off your clothes. Silence your vocal chords and open your mouth or ass.) But I digress. I had no trouble getting in. I had no attitude from bar or doorman or coatroom guy. I had action more times than I can count. Only people not fxxxx were the princesses walking around like they were choosing the right shoes at Neiman's. Trust there were people from every age range, ethnicity and religion and body type. If you didn't find anything, because you're soo hot then you should have found the other guy who thought he was soo hot. Oh wait maybe you're not that hot. And people did go bareback, but there were condoms everywhere- I know I used several. Get them when you walk in they do look to disappear.


Excellent reply

Excellent report.


If you love the smell of a toilet, enjoy!

After watching the morbidly obese doorman humiliate and reject every third person in the queue before me, I entered to what I can only describe as a septic toilet. Old, out of shape, fairly creepy men. I'm very open minded and been to the best naked parties in Europe but this place is a scam. Locals all know the reviews are a scam and they all go to Boiler sauna. I went and this sauna instead and it is sensational and full of Berlin's hottest guys. Avoid Lab and go directly to BOILER for the real thing.


April and August 2016 - Athletes party

I have been to this place three times now. The first time in April 2016 I was very nervous after reading the reviews. I am 28, meditteranean and look after myself. The doorman is indeed arrogant - maybe even bitter about being not particularly gifted with looks. I do not speak German and he does not help with trying to explain the rules. He just makes a noise and carries on speaking - any point in that when I clearly said I do not understand? Would you carry on speaking to a deaf person without helping in another way? Anyway - I got in. You are given a large bag. Place your clothes and dress up for the themed event. I choose rugby shorts, a sleeveless zip hoody, baseball cap back to front, football socks and traines. But I was overdressed! Some guys were in just jocks. Or speedos with a hole cut out at the back (hot). No money is needed inside as you become a number - so all drinks are charged to the number which you pay for at the end when you get your bag back. Well - my expectations were low. But the entertainment was high. Choose your "type". It will be there! Some of the various things I've seen during my three visits : - very hot young guys blindfolded in slings - muscle daddies sitting behind dark glory holes using anything that goes through the hole - The list goes on.... And there is enough hot ass to go around here. If you are looking for something or want to dress in a certain way, it will be here. The negatives - bare backing (a lot), drugs and door staff. Would I go for a fourth time? Probably not. Lab is a tourist attraction and if the door staff do not sort out their attitude I imagine the visitors will reduce.


Please change the doorman

The doorman is really horrible, he is just arrogant and stupid just rejected me and 2 friends of mine without reason. I don't know if that's right in Germany, such a situation I never lived at my life.


Great night in Berlin

I went there before the Berlin parade. It was a Friday night underwear party. It's hard to find the way. But when I turn left I saw a long queue. And there are many hot guys in the queue. Different age and race. I got excited. After I get inside there are so many guys there. Hot actions everywhere. U can enjoy as much as u can. And I had a lot of fun. Definitely would love to come back.


A Great Place to Play

My partner and i visited the club twice on our recent trip to Berlin. Based on other reviews we were weary and not sure we would be let in or fit in. Well we had a fantastic time. Lots of action with a wide range of men. Being over 60, we were on the upper end of age, but both had plenty of fun. Even some of the "boy's" appreciated us Daddies. Saw white, black, Asian Indian, middle eastern etc. Just show up early and understand that they do not tolerate cologne, lots of talking in line etc. These guys are serious about action and be respectful of their attitude.


Fabulous club but racist

As a regular tourist I have been going to Lab.Oratory for 6 years The place is fabulous on Thursday - hundreds of naked guys, play everywhere, nice staff at the bar. The BB attitude is a bit frightening, but I enjoyed it anyhow. Although a haven for HIV. Recently I went there with my Asian friend - the bouncers at the door were extremely rude, did not let us inside, were ready to ... me. Because my friend is an Asian, because we came as a couple. No explanation given. And so rude (sorry to repeat this). Of course, we don't speak German and they shouted at us in German. We spent a lot of money to get there, walk 20 minutes. I will go back as a single, without Asian friend with me. Only Uebermenshen are welcome. It's a lovely gay BB place but I'm hesitant to go back because of their racism. Nick from Bali.


Selective, but not racist.

The door policy at Lab is a mystery, but in our opinion, it's not racially motivated . Our correspondent reports seeing plenty of Asians and black guys in this club. The best advice here is that if you don't like the idea of being subjected to a "screening" process at the door, take your business and money somewhere else.


Great sexperience

This place is just superb. It's super crowded but it's a very different experience. Only important is to have safe fun as many guys in to hardcore bareback and unsafe practises..but it's a totally unique experience...Must a visit.


Avoid this overrated space

I had read several bad reviews of The Lab, so I was ready to meet a rude doorman: but nothing could have prepared me for the pettiness, stupidity, determination that the the customer would have a bad time, arrogance, and (indeed) madness - which it was impossible for any sane person to penetrate. I would not again attempt to get into this overrated club space. Here is a short sequence of events. 1. At the entrance I tell the door man that I have left my wallet in the hotel- but I have finds inside, so could I go in and get the €6 entrance fee from them? I am allowed inside. 2. My friends tell me that they have no money - everyone leaves their belongings at the cloakroom, and drinks are paid for on tab. (the doormen, by the way, would have known this.) 3. I return to the doorman. I tell him what my fiends tell me. He says that I must go back to my friends, bring them to the cloakroom, they will get their belongings out, retrieve the money, and put their belongings back. "Then you will be allowed into the club" says the doorman. So far, so good. 4. I go back into the club to fetch my friends. We all go back to the doorman. The doorman then says: "it is now past the hour (24:00) when no more guests are admitted. You will not be allowed into the club. (I had first attended shortly after 11:30)". I told him that I had come to Berlin especially to go to this event. He demanded, angrily to speak without interruption; I waited until he had finished everything he had to say - which was just a few repeats of what he had already said; then when I tried to say anything at all, he would not permit any reply. And I was thrown out. Not only is the above story an illustration of contrariness and wilful unpleasantness at its most extreme, if shows the doorman actually contriving the ultimate disposal of me: It was unnecessary to waste time going to get money from my friends - the doorman know they would not have any. It was unnecessary for me to weave my way through the club again to find my friends the second time, because the 24:00 deadline was approaching. The application of "no new entry after 24:00" was designed to make my attempted enterprise fail, but it was an illogical application to the rule, for someone who had presented himself at the door at 23.30. The doorman is probably the most deliberately rude and unpleasant person I have ever encountered..... I should add that The Lab's reputation as a great space is hugely over-blown. Trying as best i can to leave my distaste for last night's experience out of my reasoning, it is by no means anything special - and it is VERY awkward to get to. Inside there is indeed a labrynthal collection of small areas - but nothing especially unusual, if one has been to the many similar clubs elsewhere in the world. The Lab seems to survive in spite of the hugely awful door man, who works so hard at making each visit an unpleasant experience, on an Emperor's `New Clothes' reputation for it as a gay venue. I have read other reviews of the doorman's aggressive unpleasantness: he should be sacked. The Emperor's New Clothes will inevitably be exposed by some "small boy". The Lab should look to its laurels. Avoid this dreadful venue: you will miss nothing, I assure you. And you will play your part in punishing an operator who reads bad reviews and says: "I don't care. I'm not changing anything: they still come".


Not let in

How can you fully rate this place when you only spend few minutes looking for your friends ? Also , you should have brought your money . Each club has its own rules and you have to respect them . I'm about to go to Berlin and might visit this club . If for some reason they decide not to let me in its their choice and for me to accept it . Any business has rights to refuse entry . Live with it :-)


Just stay in

Once you're in just stay there. You think the asshole bouncer cares about your $6? That's probably why he didn't let you back in, had enough of dealing with you.


Pas de sélection à l'ouverture ...

Profitant de mon weekend à Berlin, j'y suis allé vendredi dernier 06/05/2016. Je suis arrivé entre 22h00 et 22h30, à l'ouverture, j'étais seul. Le vigil fait entrer les gens par groupe de 5 et je passe inaperçu avec ma tête d'indien. De toute façon, il fallait remplir le lieu, donc pas de problème de sélection. Je paye mon entrée, on me donne un ticket numéroté et un sac pour y mettre mes vêtements et mes affaires, j'ai juste garder mon boxer et mes chaussures, j'étais donc dans le thème : des mecs nus, à moitié nus, en jockstrap, en sport, en fétish, tu viens comme tu veux ... mais très peu de gens habillés (pas très pratique pour la suite des événements). J'ai remis le sac, on me marque mon numéro sur le bras et je garde mon ticket dans mes chaussettes. Je me dirige vers le bar et le vendredi c'est une boisson achetée = une boisson offerte, ce qui est très appréciable. Ensuite, j'ai visité un peu et là c'était une orgie gigantesque partout, du jamais vu, y en a pour tous les goûts, c'est chaud, les mecs ne sont pas timides, très entreprenants, pas le temps de discuter ni de faire connaissance et je me jette dans cette foule de testostérone et on m'a bien accueilli. Préservatifs et gel à disposition. Je n'ai jamais connu une telle intensité dans une soirée sexe, j'ai passé une super soirée, même seul, et c'est sûr, j'y retournerais ... Attention, l'entrée se trouve au 70, Rüdersdorfer Strasse : au fond, à gauche, juste après les toilettes. C'est plus pratique.


These reviews are a SCAM

Yo, so here's the deal. I'm a very good looking normal masculine guy in my mid 20's. I was very excited by this place based on the reviews that made it sound like a porno site. I waited around until midnight (when patrons are no longer allowed to enter) and it was full of ugly old out of shape men that were desperate for sex in the dark. There were maybe 3 guys under the age of 40, none of them attractive or manly. Avoid this place if you are a young good looking tourist, as these reviews are a scam. I was later informed by locals of the bad reputation of this place. I went on Friday, which was supposedly the normal, popular night. There are definitely better places to attend in a city like Berlin.



Are Asians allowed here? Been to different bathhouses and cruising clubs all over the world but always, especially when its my first in the place, I ask : will you allow my skin and race here?


Lab-oratory @ Berghain

Lab-oratory has a very choosy door policy - but our friends who attend this venue say that does not appear specifically racially biased.


Hot place for hot men not for queens.

My partner's friends recommended this club. We got there after getting a little lost. (If you don't have a map) get a taxi from the metro station) when I got in the place was full. Then I got naked and started walking around within 3 min I was already having more and more fun everywhere.



I traveled to Berlin from Israel, and I visited at this club after I heard about the place from friends. The bouncer at the entrance said few words in German, which I don't speak... Well im a tourist. I asked for English and in return I received very rude shouts from him, he said that this is Germany! And in Germany we speak German. No English. We were told to go back home after this humiliating incident, I was never kicked out by a bouncer in my whole life, and after 30 min in train + 10 min walk in a deadly cold weather I was speechless by this behavior... It was difficult enough for me to convince myself to travel to this country as an Israeli Jew, the only reason I traveled there is because i heard Berlin is LGBT heaven, and I consider myself gay before anything else. After this experience I don't recommend it for no one. [part of this review has not been published as it does not directly relate to this venue.]


learn german!

You must be stupid! I am English and I live here! This is Germany, and the language here is German! Try going somewhere in London and speak only German.. doesn't work... get over yourself or don't come to Germany!!



I have just had my first ever experience at this great club - and I found it very different to the other guys here. It was one of the sexiest things I have ever encountered and I loved every minute of it. It went in phases - a frenzy and then it slowed down and then people were pairing off. The thing I was really impressed by was all the guys I played with used condoms - without fail. Sure, there was some barebacking, but condoms are everywhere and I used them with all my partners. A very good time. So, the guys on the door are a bit cranky and unfriendly. When the guys were as hot as they were, who cares what the guys on the door were like!


Unbelievable experience

While on vacation with a few friends in Berlin. I've decided to go to the Laboratory for the experience. I wasn't sure how to find the location so i leave the Hotel pretty early. My friends had many years of experienced in the Laboratory so they didn't want to go this time so had to go alone. On my arrival there was about 10 persons in line waiting to go in. The door was not open yet. In a few minutes as I look behind me I see a very long line of men from all different race. I had no problem getting in. Maybe its because it was a Friday night and there weren't any special dress code for entree. I was in a state of shock to see 6 to 7 hundred men getting down with each other. It was my very first time seeing so much gay men having fun in one big place. But the experience was great. I had lots of fun. I would like to go back. On Saturday night I've decided to go back to the laboratory and i was turn a way by an unfriendly guard at the door. He said Tonight is fisting night for people who only do fisting so if your not into fisting just go away. I just turned and walk away.


Lots of action everywhere

I went on "F**k Friday" and I went around 11pm. I was told to go early because they might refuse you entry, if its full inside. I was there til about 2am. I came a few times and then decided I had had enough. Its very overwhelming. Most of the guys are in shape, naked, in jock straps, fancy undies, or just naked. After I got off a few times, I was just over the whole thing. There was about 300 guys there f***ing in all areas, lots of bare backing and just pure man on man action. I am a good looking in shape 35 year old, who works out daily. I found that the guys, constantly went looking for the next best thing, so if they stopped you, played 5 minutes, then carried on. Be prepared to do a lot of that. If your a bottom and BB then its heaven for you. Just bend over and you will have lots of loads your way. To give you a picture of how it looks inside, its very industrial, huge complex, think of a huge bar, guys drinking, but everyone is naked, or in underwear. After you get off a few times, I felt it was pointless to stay and dreamed of my hotel bed. All in all, its a great place for open couples, cause you can share the guys and play together. Its not for prude marys or goody goodys.



Have been going here for 5 years - it remains the hottest group of men in a naked/near-naked setting I have ever seen. I send my American friends here and they have the same reaction. We don't play like this in the US - pity. Only a fool would have unprotected sex here - but you can have plenty of fun and be safe.


Super evening

Me and my boyfriend had a superhot evening on a Thursday. Little bit hard to find the location without a housenumber so check the map before leaving. Also not easy to find the entrance (at the left of the building) without a clear sign. But follow the crowd, it starts early after openings hour!


bad review from laboratory

The guy who works the door should be fired his attitude and mentality totally sucks, especially to foreigners. Foreigners do not understand a theme for any club in their own countries most do not have a theme, so be advised if it says sportswear, wear something sportswear, if it says something to the effect of leather you must wear leather. But the guy at the door has lost his mind and thinking people understand all of it. Foreigners from other countries try to go to laboratory and he gets an attitude. He forgets who pays his check to the owner. I think you need to lose this gentleman because his bad attitude towards the people never been there there are a nervous as it is!


Definitely right!! Never again

At the door, vestier all people are zero educated abs not friendly, extremely rude with people and even doesn't answer your questions. NEVER AGAIN THIS PLACE!!


You're completely right!

At the door (and even inside) the guys at the lab are very unpolite. This is a part of Berlin a Smart city, but a rude city. In my opinion their behavour at the door depends by the filling of the club. If the club is full they are more unpolite and they refuse with a very rude manner! This happens especially with forcing people that are used to go out later than Germans and so they find the club full.


We Got In.

Really weird experience standing in a line, watching some get in, others turned away. On arrival you get a number to order drinks and a bag for your stuff (pay at the bar just before you leave). Once we got in my friend and I were blown away. Almost anything goes, action in every corner. 250 + guys. Does get kind of smelly as the night progresses, but who cares?


super ce cruising club

L'ambiance et les mecs plus chaud les que les autres en font un lieu super. La naked du jeudi soir est sublime. J'y retourne a chaque visite de Berlin.

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